What’s Hot in Countertops

Those of us in design-related fields are always on the lookout for new products, and there are some exciting new selections available in the often overlooked category of countertops.  For the past twenty years or so, granite has been the preferred choice for most projects and while granite is naturally beautiful and functionally sound, there are limited selections and the patterns and colors are not controllable.  

Then came engineered stones, namely Caesarstone, SileStone, Cambria and Zodiak.  These are seeing an increase in popularity due to their many desirable features, large sizes (most are available in 5 x 10′ slabs), consistency in color and pattern, and reasonable cost.   Also, they come in natural colors as well as vibrant primary colors and they are fairly consistent from slab to slab.  Some are available in honed finishes (though I’ve heard they are more difficult to care for than the polished finishes).   I am particularly fond of Caesarstone’s color selections; some are close to limestone without the inherent issues.

Awareness of recycling has become very great and some new countertop products manufactured with recycled materials are IceStone, and Enviroglas.  They are very exciting and have a similar look to terrazzo, which has also made a comeback as a flooring choice.   IceStone is made from 100% recycled glass and cement and they claim it’s a high performance material.  There are 29 colors available in their present selection and they do custom colors for commercial projects.  They are manufactured in New York state and come in slab sizes of 52 x 96 x 1¼”.

Enviroglas makes a countertop product called Enviroslab.  These slabs are made with 100% recycled glass, porcelain and resin (which can be color customized).  The slabs come in 27″ x 84″ x 1″ so are smaller than what we are used to seeing with natural stones and engineered stones.  They are manufactured in Texas and can be shipped for fabrication to all 50 states.

These are just a few products that are available to choose from for something a little more out of the ordinary.  I would encourage everyone to use recycled products whenever possible, as it benefits us all.

Here’s to beautiful countertops!




~ by Katrina on December 22, 2009.

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